Australian pig producers informed about GM feed

24-02-2009 | |

Australia’s pig producers can now be better informed about stockfeed containing genetically modified (GM) ingredients.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) published a report, providing an indication of market acceptance of edible products©from pigs and other farm animals fed on GM stockfeed.

According to ABARE’s executive director, Phillip Glyde, the increasing adoption of GM crops has led to a greater presence in stockfeed mixes, both Australia and overseas.

Glyde said this report found that there was little evidence of consumers in Australia and©the country’s©major export markets rejecting animals fed stockfeed containing GM ingredients.

However, the ABARE report noted that consumer awareness of the current use of GM ingredients in stockfeed appears to be low both in cases.

While the few studies conducted on consumer acceptance in Australia and the United States indicate some consumer aversion to consuming products from animals fed GM feed, there is no evidence to suggest this is lowering their demand.

ABARE says given current GM regulations, and degrees of consumer acceptance and awareness in Australia and its major livestock product export markets, it seems unlikely Australian livestock producers who choose to use GM feed will be disadvantaged.

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