Australia: Scandal over misleading ham labels

11-12-2007 | |
Australia: Scandal over misleading ham labels

Australian Pork Limited strongly suspects that a particular processed ham on the Australian market combines the meat of a Canadian pig, with the bone of an Australian pig.

The organisation did not reveal the name of the company involved, but broadcaster, ABC Rural, has stated that it concerns a product marketed by KR Castlemaine.

These products are being marketed as ‘ham on the bone’ in some supermarkets and according, to APL Chief Executive, Andrew Spencer, “they may lead to some confusion among Australian consumers who believe that they are purchasing ham on the bone, which has originated from the same animal”.

“Labelling laws may not have been broken, but the principal remains that consumers and pig producers should not be deceived”.

Chief Executive of KR Castlemaine, Mike Adams, retorted the claims stating that the product is not labelled wrongly and no laws have been violated.

Commenting further, he said that the product does not resemble traditional ham-on-the-bone as it differs in colour and shape.

APL is still calling for the product to be removed from the shelves.

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