Australia: New strategic pork plan 2010-2015

21-09-2009 | |

Australian Pork Limited (APL), the country’s national body for pork producers, has released its new strategic plan for 2010 to 2015.

Along with the new plan APL also took the opportunity to showcase its new corporate identity with the pink ‘Australian Pork’ logo as its centrepiece.

Consolidation & growth

Andrew Spencer, CEO, said the strategic plan paves the way for APL for consolidation and growth and is built around five core objectives. These are:

* Build consumer demand

* Viable productive farms

* Efficient value chains

* Leadership, preparedness, stewardship

* Industry cohesion and responsiveness


Spencer said while the launch of the new strategic plan is significant, its publication is seen as an opportunity to rebrand APL with a logo that is designed to reflect the company’s position as a modern, forward thinking player in the food business.

It is a brand consumers are becoming familiar with and is the flagship of the current marketing initiative recognising and branding Australian grown fresh and processed pork to consumers.

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