Australia culls hundreds of feral pigs

05-02-2009 | |

Hundreds of feral pigs which have been ransacking areas in Western Australia have been culled to try and curb the spread of disease.

The feral pig culling programme, which is part of the Biodiversity Conservation Initiative (BCI), was funded $470,000 by the State Government over three years. Over 600 feral pigs have been removed from conservation areas and adjourning land so far.

“The ultimate goal of this programme is to control and, if feasible, eradicate pigs from the region using a range of control measures, including baiting, trapping and shooting” the DEC’s Nature Conservation regional leader Brad Barton. “This will help to protect ecological communities and vulnerable or endangered flora and fauna populations that are impacted by feral pigs,” he said.

“We are also investigating illegal activities associated with hunting feral pigs and the suspected illegal transport and introduction of feral pigs across the south-west,” Barton said.

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