Australia: A method where pork offal products could be traced back to farms

19-01-2012 | |

Pork offal products could be traced back to farms where it originated from. A Pert based researcher is currently forming a way to do this.

Nataxha Kreitals, a forensic chemist, is working on a method which analyses constituent trace elements.
With this process it would be possible to determine whether the specific pork products are in fact Australian, when labelled as such.
“We don’t eat a lot of the pork offal in Australia, but we do export it, and it’s actually a really important commodity for the Australian pork industry,” Kreitals added.
With the method she is developing it could mean that in the case of a health issue arising, the specific farm could be found, which will then not impact any possible farms as the located farm is easily spotted as the culprit.
Kreitals is carrying out the research as part of her PhD thesis.
Source: Food Magazine

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