Aussies continue to eat pork

07-05-2009 | |

A survey carried out in the wake of the Influenza H1N1 outbreak has revealed that most Australians intend to continue buying and eating pork.

Australian Pork Ltd commissioned the national survey of 500 people and showed that the virus would not change consumers’ intentions to buy pork in 83% of households, with 3% more likely to buy pork and only 6% much less likely to do so.

Importantly, 86% of respondents disagreed or were neutral to the proposition they might eat less pork because of the flu variant outbreak.

APL chief executive Andrew Spencer said he was pleased most Australians were taking sensible and informed decisions about eating pork and processed pork products. Although some retailers reported a slight decline in sales last week, butchers’ sales remained largely unaffected.

“Any dip in demand has likely been driven by the incorrect association between influenza A/H1N1 and consuming pork, despite the fact that there is absolutely no connection,” Spencer said.

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