Aussie pig farmers confident of welfare changes

25-04-2007 | |

Australian pig farmers say they are confident they will have enough time to adapt to a new welfare code for their industry.

Under the code, which has been approved by the federal and state governments, sow stalls will have to be increased and will only be allowed to hold sows for six weeks of their pregnancy instead of 16.

Producers have been given ten years to make the changes.

Another cost
Gunnedah farmer Leon De Groot says it is another cost for drought-hit farmers, but most are willing to improve welfare.

“We will have to make some changes,” he said.

“In our individual situation here we’ve got sow stall that are probably five or 10 centimetres too short.

“Knowing that these agreements are coming along and they’ve been debated and looked at over the period of time now, we accept that position at this stage.”

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