Aus update: H1N1-free pigs go to market

27-08-2009 | |

Over 200 pigs from a Australian piggery which were quarantined earlier this year due to a H1N1 outbreak have gone to market, Deputy NSW Chief Veterinary Officer Stephen Dunn reports.

The animals had to be H1N1-free and not coughing for seven days before they could be introduced back into production. “The virus went through the whole piggery and at last report there were no sick pigs left on the property,” he said.

The owners were inspecting their pigs every day to monitor their health and weekly inspections were done by Livestock Health and Pest Authority vets. When the owners decide they want to send finishers off to market an inspector will check the pigs before they are allowed to leave the property.

The pigs at the agricultural enterprise are landrace large white hybrids used for commercial production. The 2000-head animal farm went into lockdown on July 31 after almost 300 pigs tested positive to the influenza A H1 virus, which was passed to them by staff members suffering from swine flu.

The national management group is expected to meet today to discuss when the piggery located in Dunedoo would be released from quarantine.

Earlier this week another Australian piggery announced presence of H1N1. See New H1N1 case in Australian pig farm