Atrophic rhinitis vaccine approved in S Korea

14-07-2008 | |

A Taiwan-developed vaccine for progressive atrophic rhinitis in pigs has been approved for sale by the South Korean, and the pharmaceutical company that helped market the vaccine said it is also awaiting approval from several other countries.

The vaccine, AR recombinant subunit PMT vaccine, was developed by a team led by Chien Maw-sheng, a professor at the Graduate Institute of Veterinary Pathology at National Chung Hsing University.

AR is an acronym for atrophic rhinitis , while PMT is pasteurella multocida toxin.

During a press conference in Taipei, Chien said the vaccine, made by genetically reassembling the surface proteins of the atrophic rhinitis virus, can stimulate the pig’s immune system to fight off infection.

Chien said the vaccine is better than conventional counterparts in terms of easier production process, higher safety and lower cost.

In the coming two years, the pharmaceutical company hopes to help the vaccine enter the markets of China, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, the United States and Mexico.

Joey S.C. Yu, general manager of the Animal Health department of Bayer HealthCare, Taiwan, said the vaccine is the first Taiwan-made animal vaccine approved to enter a foreign market.

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