ASIC introduces new IUI catheters

01-02-2008 | |

Absolute Swine Insemination Co., LLC (ASIC), a leader in safe IUI artificial insemination technology has announced the introduction of their latest arsenal of safe and “extreme” IUI catheters; the Absolute AMGâ„¢ Series.

AMGâ„¢ is, according to the company, the most advanced product to-date utilising ASIC’s patented membrane (balloon) technology.

The products consist of a one piece tubular pipette that comes with a universal adapter fitting all types of semen containers.

AI technicians should see an improved (leak proof) fit; regardless whether they use bottles, tubes, flat-packs with spouts, and even flat-packs with no spout at all.

The universal adapter is easily removable and its protective cap will fit into either end (depending on use) to prevent undesirables from entering the interior of the catheter once inserted into your animals.

Special bottles, tubes, and flat packs specifically designed for the AMGâ„¢ Series will be available in time for review at the World Pork Expo this June, 2008.

The company has recently launched a newly developed website offering credit card sales for customers in the United States and Canada. The new website includes much scientific data and trial results supporting the financial viability of this process.

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