Arrests of makers of fake vaccine in China

30-10-2007 | |

Chinese state media reported on Monday that they have arrested the makers of a fake vaccine, which failed to prevent an outbreak of blue-ear pig disease.

A farm in central China purchased the vaccine illegally in Beijing in June according to the Xinhua News Agency . Subsequently, the farm suffered an outbreak of the disease. An investigation revealed that the vaccine was fake and the producers did not even have a license.

The producers have been arrested and will face criminal charges. The workshops have also been destroyed.

Blue-ear damage
According to the agriculture ministry, by August 22 this year, blue-ear pig disease had infected 257,000 pigs in China. 68,000 died and up to 175,000 hogs were culled.

The country has been attempting to control the spread of the disease by carrying out a vaccination programme as the disease is blamed for the steep rise in the price of pork, which is a key element of the average Chinese diet.

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