Arrests made in tainted Chinese pork scandal

02-04-2009 | |

Nine people have been arrested in the case that involved tainted pork.

The arrests made by police involved the license of a livestock market owner being taken away. The tainted pork case involved pork tainted with a chemical that made 70 people ill in southern China’s biggest city.

It was approximately two months ago when Chinese officials started to investigate the pork case when 70 people became sick after eating pig organs in Guangzhou. Many of the diners were hospitalised.

Chemicals that tainted the pork
According to reports, the pork was tainted with clenbuterol and ractopamine. These are banned chemicals used to make animals develop more muscle and less fat.

Suspects arrested
There are nine suspects that were arrested and police were looking for six more, further reports stated. Also, authorities revoked the business license of Quanfa Food Co, which owned the livestock market that sold the pork.

Reports stated that the firm did not properly inspect the meat and it did not respond quickly with the food poisoning cases. The suspects, if found guilty of dealing in tainted food, could face a sentence of up to five years imprisonment.

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