Argentina to export pork to Eastern Europe

24-01-2008 | |
Argentina to export pork to Eastern Europe

Next month, Argentina will begin exporting fresh pork to Eastern Europe after having solved their sanitary problems.

Markets in smaller regions such as the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia will be targeted in the beginning as large markets such as Russia cannot be served as of yet by Argentinian producers.

In the last 30 years Argentina has had to restrict itself to exporting processed meats.

According to the Department of Agriculture, from January to October 2007 Argentina exported 1,685 tonnes of these products, earning US$3.3m in revenue, which represents a 4.8% increase in volume and 21% in revenue from 2006.

In 2007, production of pork and pork products amounted 320,000 tonnes, up 8% from 2006. For 2008, it is expected that the sector will increase production by 20%.

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