Argentina: H1N1 pigs possibly infected by humans

07-07-2009 | |

Argentinean farm workers are thought to have infected pigs with the new H1N1 flu strain, only the second suspected case of humans passing the deadly virus to swine, a government spokesman has said.

The Argentine case adds weight to the theory that pigs can be infected by humans, although people are catching it from other people and not from animals.

In Canada, blood testing recently cleared a suspected farm worker of passing the virus to a herd of pigs but health officials have not ruled out the possibility that a human infected the animals.

The Argentine government farm spokesman said 800 pigs had tested positive for H1N1 flu, but that the two workers suspected of passing the virus have not yet received doctor confirmation that they are carrying the flu strain.

The pig farm, located in Buenos Aires province, is under quarantine although swine flu tests had proved negative since June 24.