Argentina confirms suspension of pork imports from Brazil

21-02-2012 | |

The Argentine Chamber for the Meat Processing and Related Industries (Caicha) has confirmed that the imports of prime cuts of pork from any source is prohibited for weeks by the government of Cristina Kirchner, presidentof Argenitina, Brazilian website PorkWorld reports.

Argentina has a policy to become self-sufficent. Caicha manager, Martin de Gyldenfeldt was quoted saying, “The entry of prime cuts are suspended, but we believe this will be reversed because the domestic production does not meet the demand of local industry.”
The executive confirmed that the only Brazilian pork products that are entering the country are fat and scraps, used by industry for manufacturing sausages. He explained that the industry also needs to import some cuts, like ham. Gyldenfeldt said it is in contact with the Argentine authorities to report information about the industry demand and import requirements.
Momentary restriction
“This restriction will be momentary. I do not believe that it will continue. This situation could be resolved within a week or two,” said Gyldenfeldt.
“The Brazilian exporters should not be alarmed because I have faith that the situation will be normalised,” he insisted. However, he argued that, despite positive expectations, “the release is not guaranteed.” If the government decides to maintain restrictions, Gyldenfeldt said that the industry ‘knows how to adapt and use various other meats.’
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