Appeal to South Africans to help combat CSF

24-11-2006 | |

South African holiday makers have been requested to observe regulations to control classical swine fever (CSF) in the Eastern Cape.

The disease is said to still persist in a few small areas of the province. National and provincial veterinary officials and authorities are making a final effort in to eradicate the disease.

Therefore checkpoints and other measures have been taken to ensure the disease’s control. Every vehicle will be searched for pork and pork products.


A spokesman for the agriculture department said that holiday makers to the Eastern Cape can play an important role in combatting CSF by adhering to the instituted measures and by exercising patience at roadblocks to allow the staff to perform their duties.

Visitors are also requested to note that pork products, like sausages, bacon and ham, may be taken into the Eastern Cape but will not be allowed to leave the province.

This includes pork products that are taken in transit through the Eastern Cape.

Pig transports

In addition, no live pigs and whole or half pig carcasses may be moved into, within or through the province without a permit issued by the local state veterinary office at origin.

The operation will last until April next year.

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