Anpario opens new R&D facility and QA lab

28-03-2012 | |

Animal feed additive producer Anpario has opened a new laboratory facility at the production and office site in Worksop, UK.

The new facility will provide improved facilities for new product development and quality assurance and will be instrumental in helping technical staff provide support for the trading brands Optivite, Kiotechagil and Vitrition.

Compact unit
The new laboratory has been designed as a compact unit enabling daily quality control to be carried out on large numbers of samples efficiently. Samples are produced on three separate lines each dedicated to specific product types and every batch is checked for colour, ‘flowability’ and homogeneity. Further checks including pH measurement and titratable free acidity can be made if required.

“The new facilities will enable the research and development team to try out new product formulations and blend test samples for evaluation,” said the company’s quality manager Lesley Wilson.

Equipped with fume filtration, the new laboratory provides protection to technical staff against dusty or strong smelling substances, and is at the same time both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

“This has been an exciting development to coincide with the expansion of the production site,” said Wilson. “There are a range of balances from simple top pan to 4-figure balances with built in anti-vibration dampers. The full pH testing and titration equipment allows the preparation of different buffer points for the acid product lines and a range of mixers and blenders can simulate different production systems to ensure minimal scale-up problems for new formulations.”

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