Another large-scale outbreak of ASF in Krasnodar region, Russia

18-10-2011 | |

Veterinary Services of the Krasnodar region has reported the identification of another outbreak of ASF.

In mid-September as a result of ASF outbreaks at a nearby farm, “Banner of Lenin” approximately 20 thousand pigs were destroyed in order to prevent the further spread of infection.
Most destructive
This outbreak was declared the most destructive that was registered in the territory of Russia. However, a new outbreak that was also revealed at a private farm may cause greater harm to the pork industry of the region. In the threatened area about 25 thousand pigs have been affected in total.

“At the private farm 56 pigs of different ages were affected. In the first troublesome zone 2734 pigs have been affected, in the public sector of Pavlovsky District – 10.6 thousand pigs, and in the private sector there are another 11.6 thousand, according to the official report of the representatives of Rosselhoznazor for Krasnodar region. 

The region’s government entered a state of emergency. 

(By Vorotnikov Vlasdislav)