Another Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Bulgaria

05-04-2011 | |
Another Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in Bulgaria

In south east Bulgaria, a fifth village has been found to have livestock which have been affected by Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD).

The discovery, made in less than three weeks since the last one, came about during routine inspections which were carried out by Veterinary units of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency.  FMD was found at the village of Bliznak, Malko Tarnovo Municipality during these inspections.
 The recent discovery in the fifth village indicated a total of 22 cows, 63 buffaloes, 145 sheep, 109 goats, and 12 pigs that have been infected. The animals will be culled.
Measures nearly lifted
The new report comes one day before the European Commission was expected to lift the measures, brought into effect on the Burgas District.
 Previously, during the period of December and February there were three outbreaks of FMD which was under control.
It was on 20 March that the first of the recent outbreaks in the country were reported  which was at a private farm near the village of Kirovo, close to Turkey’s border.
The country has gone 12 years without the FMD until the discovery made in December.