Another country bans pork products from Germany

13-01-2011 | |

South Korea recently placed a ban on pork and chicken products from Germany and now China has followed suit.

The dioxin scandal in Germany which has been making headlines recently, is at the core of the current ban by China.
The announcement of the ban has been made by China’s general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and has come about after German state authorities announced that traces of dioxin had been found in pigs.

Ships that have left Germany for China, loaded with potentially contaminated products, will not be sent back, however, will have to be tested for dioxin.

High levels of dioxin were found in pigs early on Tuesday at a farm in the county of Verden, Lower Saxony, Germany. The farm had bought feed containing fats at the centre of the scandal.
It has been reported that dioxin had already been found in eggs and chicken, leading to a ban of meat and poultry shipments from around 5,000 farms in the past week.
Harles und Jentzsch
Recently, GMP+ International has suspended the GMP+ certificate of the business Harles und Jentzsch GmbH in Uetersen in Germany as of January 6, 2011.  Abnormally high levels of the contaminant dioxin were initially found in agricultural products made by the German company. The company manufactures ingredients for poultry and swine feed.
It is currently unclear whether contaminated pork had entered the food chain.
Source: Financial Times