Anitox announces key move into China

31-05-2012 | |

Anitox Corporation, a firm that provides solutions for safer feed and food, has established a new subsidiary in China to develop and service the growing market for its products.

Anitox Trading (Beijing) Limited will enhance the international corporation’s ability to distribute the Anitox range of feed safety and milling efficiency solutions throughout this fast-expanding market.
The presence of the new company in China will provide the country’s rapidly-developing livestock production and feed manufacturing sectors with access to Anitox products and technologies. They include Termin-8, the Anitox pathogen control programme for finished feed and raw materials, together with its Maxi-Mil milling efficiency programmes.
Scott Faul, regional director for Anitox in Asia Pacific, stated: “This is a bold step forward for our company into a critical market which will become the world’s leading country for feed production in the very near future. The brisk growth in productivity and innovation in China’s livestock rearing and feed sectors makes it both an exciting and essential place to be. We are looking forward to providing new and existing customers with our range of products.
“This is also a opportunity for customers in the region to benefit from our technical expertise. Rising raw material costs mean that mills have to operate with greater efficiency in order to bring quality finished feed to their customers at a sustainable cost. The Anitox Maxi-Mil product line has a proven track record in reducing shrinkage, enhancing the shelf-life of feed and increase milling efficiency.
“At the same time, international retail food businesses are setting very high standards of food safety and hygiene, so meeting their requirements is vital. Reducing Salmonella in feed will be a key element in achieving these more stringent targets. Anitox is at the forefront of the industry in terms of supplying products which provide safe feed to protect the health of livestock and consumers, which is why Termin-8 has such potential and Maxi-Mil offers considerable benefits for feed manufacturers.”
Anitox Trading (Beijing) Limited will concentrate on increasing customer awareness of Maxi-Mil and Termin-8, which is used to help ensure the safety of more than 32 million tonnes of feed and raw materials every year.