Americans cancel extra taxes on EU pork

16-03-2009 | |

American authorities have decided to cancel plans for taxing EU meat for some time, the Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

Originally, the American authorities intended to introduce a punishment tax on e.g. Dutch pork as from March 23rd, making exports to the US virtually impossible. Key of the conflict is the EU ban on importing American beef, using hormones.

Import quotas
Negotiations between US and EU representatives are currently conducted in Brussels, to achieve a widening of the import quotas for American beef to the EU, provided this meat is not produced using hormones.

Since talks look promising and a deal at hand, the US decided to abandon their plans for meat taxes – as a sign of good intentions.

Frans van Dongen, lobby person for the Dutch meat sector, was quoted to be optimistic about any outcomes. He even predicted possible export possibilities for Dutch veal.

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