Alternative feed sources for pigs

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With feed prices at an all time high it is tempting to look for alternatives. Some leftover products from the food industry might be an option for animal feed.

However, not all products are allowed to be used in commercial animal feed. According to DEFRA in the UK a farmer is not allowed to use kitchen waste or catering waste.

It is important not to risk feeding any meat products back to your pigs but there are some waste products that you can feed.

But what about milk, milk based products, bakery products, pasta, chocolate, sweet and similar products being fed to livestock? Milk and milk based products and biscuits, bakery waste, pasta, chocolate, sweet and similar products contain ingredients, such as rennet or melted fat, milk or eggs, which have been incorporated in those products but which are not the main ingredient can be fed to livestock.

However, adequate measures must be in place to ensure against cross contamination by meat and other products of animal origin. One bakery in the UK has already been in touch with the British Pig Association.

Alternative raw materials
There are also lots of other raw materials that you can feed to pigs. Professor Sandra Edwards of Newcastle University has produced a handbook for feeding organic pigs  which has recommendations on the use of Silage, Sugar Beet, Potatoes, Brewers Grains etc. here is also a BPEX leaflet Alternative Feeds for Pigs – Knowing the risks .

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