Almost 1,000 arrests in clenbuterol pork scandal in China

29-08-2011 | |

Recently China was hit by a scandal involving the illegal additive clenbuterol being added to pig feed. According to officials, the Chinese authorities have thus arrested 989 people accused of making and selling clenbuterol in the recent scandal.

Clenbuterol is used to produce lean pork meat, which fetch higher prices at the market.
According to Xu Hu, a senior official in the Ministry of Public Security, the arrests of the accused came about following a busted criminal ring by police. The ring was involved in the manufacture and sale of clenbuterol in 63 cities in China. Xu added that in the recent bust police seized 2.75 tonnes of clenbuterol and six illegal laboratories had been shut down, as well as 12 production lines, 19 processing and storage sites, and 32 “underground” factories.
Pork meat is the most consumed meat in the country and recent scandals involving the meat has raised consumer concerns across the country, as well as the government. The recent scandal first appeared in March this year, following other instances in the country in previous years.

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