Alltech wins prize at Hungarian agricultural expo 2011

29-04-2011 | |

Animal health and nutrition company Alltech has won the Product Grand Prize for Hungarian Animal Breeding, at the 18th Hungarian Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Exhibition.


The exhibition is run annually by Hód-Mezőgazda and the Hungarian Animal Breeders Association (HABA). The winning dossier, entitled Using Mycosorb Technology in the Mycotoxin Control Programme was voted best out of 45 dossiers submitted, in the largest Hód-Mezőgazda and HABA competition to date.

The company’s dossier focussed on Mycosorb, a natural yeast based product which reduces mycotoxin absorption in the animal. It showed that the inclusion of the product in an animal’s diet can reduce the absorption of mycotoxins and alleviate the negative effects on both animal health and the contamination of food products.

General manager for the company in Hungary, Jeno Helembai, said: “Mycotoxins and their negative effects are damaging to the health of our dairy cows, poultry and pigs and ultimately to productivity. They can even affect the quality of consumer products such as milk, eggs and meat.”

The prize is awarded for a product dossier that demonstrates innovation, originality and quality research, as well as substantially improving the quality and profitability of farming.


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