Alltech starts quality control for BioPlex®

12-03-2008 | |

With the issue of traceability currently dominating discussions in the agricultural sector, global animal nutrition company, Alltech has launched a rigorous quality control programme for its Bioplex® range of organic trace minerals.

The Q+â„¢ (Quality Plus) programme will supplement the company’s existing quality system, AQS (Alltech Quality System), which incorporates standards set by all major regulatory bodies.

The programme adopts a multifaceted approach, combining several different quality control measures, including the Bioplex quality measures developed over the last 18 years which guarantee total chelation and mineral content. Furthermore, Q+ is a positive release programme, whereby all batches of inorganic trace mineral sources and final Bioplex batches are tested for Dioxin, PCBs and Heavy Metals. Presently Alltech is the first and only company to have implemented such a programme in the feed industry.

Speaking of the initiative Dr. Pearse Lyons, president of Alltech, said, “Q+ meets and exceeds regulatory standards by combining several different quality control measures. In addition, all trace mineral batches are tested both prior to use and before sale. Some may consider this level of testing excessive, however, we believe that it is Alltech’s duty to provide products which ensure highest final product quality, safety and performance to the end user. Alltech’s stringent quality system permeates every step of Alltech product research, development and delivery.”

The Alltech Quality System (AQS) is currently in operation in 14 production facilities and 68 blending and warehouse sites across the globe. The system, which is strictly enforced at all stages of production, as well as, upon receipt of the raw material and when shipping, aims to instil confidence in relation to quality, safety, traceability and consistency of all Alltech products.

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