Alltech seminar to zoom in on sow nutrition and progeny health

20-09-2011 | |

The relationship between sow nutrition and progeny health is the theme of this year’s Alltech Pig Solutions Seminar, held 11-12 October at the company’s European headquarters in Ireland.

Six global pig specialists will dive into the theme how to push the boundaries of pig performance that can affect producers’ bottom line.

“It’s time for the pig industry to reap the benefits of new research on how to tailor sow nutrition to increase progeny health and performance,” said Dr Jules Taylor-Pickard, the company’s solutions deployment team manager and chairperson of the seminar.

“Through a greater focus on prenatal nutrition it is possible to cut costs in pig production and push the boundaries of pig performance beyond anything we have seen.”

Nutritional interventions
“As litter size increases so can the overall mortality rate. Giving these piglets a head start via nutritional interventions in pregnant gilts and sows, can mean the difference between a piglet that can survive this difficult time and one that cannot,” commented the company’s vice president Europe, Marc Larousse.

“The potential benefits of programmed nutrition on piglet health, profits and performance are staggering.”

A panel of industry experts will present their views and participate in question and answer sessions on the following topics:

• Dr Luciano Roppa, Provimi, Sao Paulo, Brazil: How global meat consumption patterns will affect the role of the nutritionist

• Prof Hans Stein, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA: Optimising performance through nutrition

• Dr Soenke Moehn, University of Alberta, Canada: New developments in energy and amino acid nutrition of sows

• Prof Michael Murtaugh, University of Minnesota, USA: Managing complex pig diseases

• Prof Karl Dawson, Alltech, USA: The next frontier in pig nutrition; programmed nutrition

• Dr Paul Bikker, Wageningen UR Livestock Research, the Netherlands: Metabolic imprinting; consequences for postnatal health and performance

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