Alltech: interactive programmes for pig producers

13-03-2009 | |

Global animal health company Alltech has launched two new interactive programmes at VIV Asia for poultry and pig producers.

The programmes, called Pig iSolutions and Poultry iSolutions, aim to help producers achieve optimum health, husbandry and nutrition of their animals, thereby increasing bottom line profitability.

Both additions to the company’s portfolio will help to evaluate the performance of pig or poultry operations and benchmark these against industry or breeder standards. They will also help to identify the least performing parameter and offer suggestions for improvement.

For the swine industry, the programme offers solutions for sows, weaners and grower-finishers. The programme as developed by UK nutritionist Dr William Close.

Another first for Alltech at VIV Asia is the introduction of EconomasE, a proprietary blend of ingredients formulated to maximise antioxidant capacity of both pigs and poultry. The product is the first result of its new Nutrigenomics centre in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

VIV Asia will last until Friday, March 13.

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