Alltech 27th International Symposium – gathering animal health professionals

12-04-2011 | |

Alltech’s 27th International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium will see feed and animal health professionals from around the world debate the industry’s most crucial issues at the Lexington Convention Centre, Kentucky, USA from May 22-25, 2011.

As agriculture strives to produce more and more, using ever more precious resources ‘The Game Changers’ Symposium will discuss the new technologies, innovative solutions and leadership qualities needed to achieve the sustainable profitability demanded by the challenges facing the industry.
Ian Leach, Regional Director of Alltech UK, the leading manufacturer of natural products and solutions for the feed industry, believes the Symposium is the industry’s premier occasion for sharing knowledge and gaining new insights. “It’s an unmissable opportunity for individuals in agribusiness worldwide to come together to discuss key topics. Sustainable profitability must be our byword and we continue to explore ways in which new technology, the innovative use of new raw materials and adding value to conventional agricultural products can reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment. The Alltech Symposium acts as a crucible for new ideas and new thinking and this year’s event promises to be one of the most exciting in our history.”
Breakout sessions, round table discussions and seminars will cover all livestock sectors including beef, dairy, equine, poultry, pig, aquaculture and pets – and focus on a wide range of topics:
  • Programmed nutrition to maximise calorie conversion and meat quality
  • Technology to maximise release of nutrients from DDGs and other feedstuffs
  • Formulation to minimise nutrient waste in the diet
  • Using branding to communicate the power of good nutrition to consumers
  • Strategies to optimise resources, reduce environmental impact and drive new energy efficiencies
  • Using new media to communicate directly with consumers
Delegates who attended last year’s Symposium are in no doubt as to the value of the experience. “I would recommend attendance to any agribusiness manager looking for inspiration regarding business development and structure,” says Jerry Trowbridge of Lakeland-Scottish Feeds & Services. “I have benefitted already from new marketing directives influenced by this event.” 
Andrew Henderson of Independent Feeds agrees: “My visit to the Alltech Symposium 2010 in Kentucky exceeded all my personal and business expectations. The calibre of speakers who shared their expertise were topical and visionary. Alltech provided me with a clear picture of the global trading challenges now and in the future. Experienced business leaders suggested positive future solutions throughout the symposium.”
The prestigious Medal of Excellence and Alltech Young Scientist Awards will also be presented during the Symposium. 
To secure your place at the 2011 Alltech International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium, please call Alltech’s UK office on 01780 764512 or visit Alltech’s Symposium site. For more information, please email