Allegations are ‘hogwash’, says accused pig farmer

24-01-2007 | |

The Canadian pig farmer who is on trial for the murder of several women near the city of Vancouver told police the allegations against him are ‘hogwash’.

Jurors were shown a videotaped interview in which he made his remarks. He also called himself is a ‘bad dude’ in the very same interview.

The pig farmer, 57, is charged with killing 26 women, mostly prostitutes and drug addicts who vanished from a ridden Vancouver neighbourhood in the 1990s. He has pleaded not guilty to the first six of them, whose remains, like skulls, teeth and DNA were found on his premises.

The pig farmer gave his replies when asked what all allegations meant to him.

“What it means to me? Hogwash,” he replied. “I’m just a working guy, a plain working guy is all I am,” he says. “I’m just a pig man.”

A separate trial will be held for the other 20 murder charges.

It is thought the court case will last for over a year.

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