Alberta pig producers prioritise animal welfare

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Alberta’s pork producers are placing a high priority on the proper care and handling of pigs during transportation across the country.

Chair of Alberta Pork, Herman Simons, emphasised the importance of all participants in the food production chain’s role (farmer, truck driver and processor) of ensuring that “pigs arrive at their destination in good, healthy condition, free from injury.”

In response to recent concerns from the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) concerning long-haul transport of animals from Alberta to Hawaii, Alberta Pork issued the statement concerning animal welfare during transportation.

Simons highlights that the Canadian pig industry works together with the government and other stakeholders to draw up regulations and guidelines for the transportation of pigs. “Any mistreatment of animals needs to be investigated and steps must be taken to prevent future occurrences.”

Measures taken
Alberta Pork is a founding member of Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC) which promotes responsible, humane animal care. Alberta Pork and AFAC have set-up a training programme for livestock transporters known as ‘The Certified Livestock Transporter (CLT)’ which focuses on the humane and safe relocation of livestock.

In addition, Alberta Pork has developed and delivered other industry tools including the Humane Handling Guidelines for Swine and Canadian Codes of Practice for Transportation.

Alberta Pork is a partner in a multi-million dollar research project at the Prairie Swine Centre in Saskatchewan on the effects of handling procedures and transport vehicle design on animal welfare and meat quality of pigs

Regarding the case of the animals exported to Hawaii, “we will use the facts that emerge from the investigation as part of our ongoing commitments to improve animal handling,” says Simons.

More information on practices and regulations governing the transportation of livestock is available at Alberta Farm Animal Care (AFAC):

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