Alberta launches hog recovery program

28-05-2008 | |

In conjunction with the federal government’s $50 million swine culling program, the Alberta pork industry is launching its own recovery campaign, the Alberta Farmer has reported. Fighting an unprecedented financial crisis, the industry is looking for answers both outside the nation’s borders and even outside of the beleaguered pork industry.

Pork chairman, Herman Simons, states “our industry is in an immediate crisis and we continue to deal with that. But there is also a pressing need to move quickly in order to find new ways to lead the industry over the long term.”

Simons said a new strategic model based on the independent findings of consultants who have studied successful models of pork industries globally could provide an entirely new focus and direction for our own industry. The summary of these findings will form the basis of a long-term strategic plan. “This strategy is about leading the industry in a new way. Not simply managing the status quo, nor building on long-term financial support from government,” said Simons.

He added this should not be heralded as some miracle solution to this very complex problem, but it’s a start. The first stage will be the no holds barred report, The Way Forward, that states what the pork industry is currently facing then a final report, which will include specific recommendations for the industry in areas such as feed grains, marketing, and industry reorganization of the supply chain.

The consultants also went outside of the pork industry to companies like super heavyweight Toyota and what was clearly evident among the various success stories explored “is that to simply survive requires a competitive level of organizational efficiency and operational excellence.”

“For the pork industry to succeed we need to learn from these guidelines and change our industry accordingly.” Simons stressed The Way Forward report, is not the strategy itself, but rather, it provides the in-depth understanding required to build a realistic plan to revitalize the industry.”

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