Alabama boy, 11, kills giant pig

30-05-2007 | |

Using a gun, an 11-year old boy from the American state of Alabama has killed what is possibly the biggest pig mankind has ever seen.

It took brave Jamison Stone about three hours to kill the boar, according to Fox News. The youngster spotted the animal during a hunting trip together with his dad and two guides, in the eastern part of Alabama.

Altogether he needed eight shots, before being able to kill the pig, weighing 477 kilogrammes and measuring 3 metres, according to Jamison’s dad Mike.

Should these data prove to be correct, than Jamison’s pig is bigger than good old Hogzilla, found in Georgia, three years ago. This animal weighed 400 kilogrammes and was ‘only’ 2.5 metres long.

Mike Stone said he would like to make sausages of the pig – it is estimated that this could be about 250 to 350 kilogramme of sausage.

Meanwhile, a special website has been created about the unusual catch:

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