Agromek: Organic farming benefits highlighted

21-11-2008 | |

Sales of organic food products in Denmark have almost doubled within the past four years. It’s anticipated prior to 2013 sales will double again and then double that again before the year 2020.

This rapidly increasing demand coupled with potentially much higher returns provides significant incentive for larger numbers of Danish producers to make the switch to organic farming.

Consequently, “Organic Farming” will be a focus at the upcoming Nov. 25th to 29th Agromek , Exhibition in Herning, Denmark.

On-site tours
Special on-site tours around the Agromek show grounds will be arranged to visit those exhibitors who have machines, implements and other production aids for organic farming. Organic farming will also be in focus on a special theme day and at two booths that will provide consultation on getting started in organic production.

Danish Minister for Food, Eva Kjer Hansen, says, “We have been selected as being the Organic Country of the World in 2009 – and we must take this opportunity to market good organic Danish food products.”

In the spring of 2008, Hansen introduced a new Danish subsidy arrangement for information, sales promotion and marketing of special quality food products.

Significant growth
Both consumption and production of organic food products increased very rapidly in Denmark during the 1990s. Following stagnation in the first half of this decade, there is once again a significant growth in the demand for organic food products. Organic food products now comprise more than 6 percent of the total Danish consumption. In the first half of this decade that figure was approximately 3.5 percent.

Tomas Fibiger Nørfelt, information consultant in the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, (DAAS), National Centre for Organic Farming says, “An organic farming consultant and a machine consultant will be permanent guides for the organic farming tours which will start at the Agromek exhibition. Participants will be able to discuss technical and operational matters during these tours and at the various exhibit booths.

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