Agromek: November exhibition record breaking

03-07-2008 | |

Agromek, one of the leading agricultural exhibitions in Europe, will set a new record during this year’s exhibition from 25th to 29th November.

Agromek previously held in January will take place at its traditional venue, the MCH Exhibition Centre, Herning Denmark.

Exhibition Manager Jan T. Pedersen, Agromek has stated “the new November Agromek will apply a total of approximately 96,000 square meters for a grand total of 540 exhibitors. This Agromek exhibition will definitely be the largest event to take place during the entire history of the Agromek exhibitions.”

Agromek will continue to be held every year although there will be varying content and extent from year to year. Equipment and technology for livestock farming, grain treatment and the production of feedstuffs, etc. will be exhibited every year.

Machinery and equipment for fieldwork will, in future, be exhibited at Agromek in even years – November 2008, 2010, etc. – under the original name: Agromek.

In the odd years – 2009, 2011, etc. – the exhibition will be held under the name: Agromek Livestock.

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