Agromek: many new pig products on show

29-08-2008 | |
Agromek: many new pig products on show

The Danish agricultural show Agromek has announced that a large number of the 148 new products on show will be pig-related.

It is particularly machines, installations and other new products for arable farming and pig production that have been approved as new product exhibits for Agromek in November. Cattle farming received less new product awards this year.

Of the total number of 148, 50 two-star and three-star new products are approved for the exhibition in Herning, Denmark.

Evaluation method
The star system for approved Agromek new product exhibits is the result of an evaluation method that has been applied and developed by Agromek for many years.

Two or three stars are given for impressive or significant new products in which the operating principle, construction principles, composition or effect is entirely new or significantly improved in comparison to previously known products. One star is given to products that are already known on the market but which are new for the respective exhibitor.

The show will be held 25-29 November for the first time this year, after having been held in January for many years.

Exhibition manager Jan T. Pedersen, Agromek stated: “Many of the new product exhibits, which are now approved and classified, provide documentation that the technological developments in agriculture continue at an undiminished level.”

“144 approved new product exhibits were presented at Agromek in January. It is apparent that more than 150 approved new product exhibits will be presented in November.”

The total results of the Evaluation Committee’s efforts will be published in English, German and French in the middle of October.

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