Agromek award winners revealed

25-11-2008 | |

Winners of the Agromek awards have been announced during the annual show taking place in Denmark until 29th November. All two and three star innovations at the show were visited by a judging committee including farmers  – and six were elected, two for arable farming, two for pigs, one for cattle and one in the rest category.

The two award winners in the swine category were announced as:

Sdr Vissing Staldinventar: A system of restrictive dry feeding, but with ad-lib division.

Danish Farm Design: Medliq, a medicine dosage concept that has been developed for wet feeding systems.

In addition, two pig-related products were awarded in the other categories:

Thyregod : A new biocover system, ‘a revolution in slurry application’. (arable farming category)

WiseCon : The intelligent rat trap. (rest category)

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