Agromek approves 48 new products

01-09-2009 | |

27 three-star, 21 two-star and 72 one-star New Product exhibits have been approved for Agromek-Livestock during the first evaluation round.

“The provisional result of 27 three-star, 21 two-star and 72 one-star New Products exhibits and a total of 120 approved New Products is both satisfactory and encouraging for the launching of our Agromek-Livestock Exhibition,” said Exhibition Manager Jan T. Pedersen as a result of evaluation.

“Following this evaluation, it appears that there will be just as many two-star and three-star New Product exhibits for cattle farming and pig production at Agromek-Livestock as we have presented at the latest Agromek exhibitions.”

“This is extremely positive in recognition of the fact that the Danish agricultural sector is particularly affected by the international financial crisis in combination with national problems associated with environmental approvals for farmers who wish to expand or alter their herds.”

Jan T. Pedersen continued: “The approved New Product exhibits are primarily intended for cattle farming and pig production. However, there are also significant New Product exhibits for horses and poultry.”

141 New Product entries were evaluated and classified during the first evaluation round.

The results have now been forwarded to the individual exhibitors who now have the opportunity to request re-evaluation by the Evaluation Committee. This phase will be effectuated during the first half of September and the final publication of the New Products List will take place in the first half of October.

Agromek-Livestock will be held during the period 24th to 28th November in the MCH – Exhibition Centre, Herning, Denmark.

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