Agro Korn now has distributor in Ukraine

22-11-2011 | |
Agro Korn now has distributor in Ukraine

Agro Korn a/s now has a distributor in Ukraine, where the pig production is growing due to increased demand from Russia.

The demand for quality proteins for feed is growing fast in Ukraine. This is partly due to an increased pig production because of a larger demand from Russia.

Ukraine is incapable of producing adequate amounts of proteins, and therefore Agro Korn has entered into an agreement with Woodhoff Ltd., who now has the distribution of Agro Korns special treated and enzyme fortified soy meal AlphaSoy PIG 530.

Ukraine’s national dish
The story tells that on their raid through Ukraine Djengis Khan and his men ate all animals except pigs. Thus the pig was the only animal left for the Ukrainian dinner table, and pork is now their national dish. During recent years prosperity in Ukraine has improved and thereby also the demand for pork. To meet the increased demand from the domestic market as well as from Russia, the production of slaughter pigs is growing fast in Ukraine. The need for quality proteins for pigs feed is therefore increased, and they now have to seek outside the national borders to find adequate amounts of quality proteins.

Woodhoff Ltd.
Agro Korn has appointed the sole representation of AlphaSoyPIG 530 to Woodhoff Ltd. in Ukraine – the most open of the Eastern European Countries not part of the EU. ”The growth possibilities in the east are large, and we expect a lot from our co-operation with Woodhoff Ltd.,” stated the key account manager Peter Haahr Hansen.