Agro Korn launches pig starter feed

04-09-2009 | |

AlphaSoy® is the name of Agro Korns newest soy concept. The special treated soy products are low in anti nutritional factors and thereby high applicability in feed.

The need for quality protein is a common denominator for the animal groups. However Agro Korn recognises that the ideal product for a 6 kg piglet may not necessarily be the same as for a piglet of 15 kg or for a rainbow trout. Therefore, the company is aims to develop and offer various soy product types for each animal group, when needed.

For the time being AlphaSoy® PIG 530 is the most important variant in the AlphaSoy® series. It is an extruded and enzyme fortified soy meal, which has a high digestibility and a minimal content of anti-nutritional factors due to its special treatment. It is produced from not genetically modified soy beans and can be used in pig starter feed to supply a gentle and easily digestible protein source.

The experience has been a noticeable reduction in diarrhoea and easier adaptation to the grower feed. Alternatively Agro Korn also offers AlphaSoy® PIG 510, which is a GMO-article with slightly less protein but the same high quality.

Moreover the AlphaSoy® can also be used as alternatives to fish meal.