AGRIPROM introduces new rapid test for calf diarrhoea

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AGRIPROM introduces new rapid test for calf diarrhoea

Finally there is an easy, complete and accurate rapid test available, able to detect the four most causative organisms with only one test cassette. It is called BoDia. Agriprom introduces the test exclusive on the market.

Diarrhoea with young calves has two main causes: feed or infection.

The symptoms of feed diarrhoea are often gentle. The consequences of infectious diarrhoea are mostly serious t0 fatal. The infected animals will loose fluid, drink badly and become dehydrated and weak. The most common causative organisms are: Rota virus, Corona virus, Escherichia Coli K 99 and Cryptosporidium parvum. Each pathogen, but also a combination of pathogens will cause serious problems.

Cryptosporidium can cause diarrhoea from the first day of life.

A Coli-infection occurs around the third day of life, Rotavirus and Cryptosporidium starts causing diarrhoea around the seventh day of life.

Coli diarrhoea can start from the first day of life while Rota and Corona usually starts around the 2nd, 3rd day.

To set a good diagnosis of the cause of the diarrhoea, it is necessary to analyse the faeces.

The result is the guiding principle to prevent new cases.

Agriprom introduces the first fourfold test, which has a registration in Germany FLI (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut).

Why should you use Bodia:

  • Bodia is the first rapid test which analyses Rota viruses, Corona viruses, E. coli K99 and Cryptosporidium with only one test cassette.
  • Bodia is the first fourfold test which has a registration in Germany (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut)
  • Bodia will diagnose the cause of diarrhoea in a very early stage.
  • Bodia is user friendly and accurate


For more information you can contact AGRiPROM, Booth number 27/ 27 M44,, or by phone (+31) (0) 529-45 5320


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