Agricool to conserve pig, poultry corpses

21-04-2009 | |

Agritech presents Agricool 120, the innovative, hygienic and economic solution for the safe conservation of pig, poultry and livestock corpses in breeding farms.

Agricool 120 is conceived as a polyurethane-insulated and fiberglass-coated box with a corrosion-free cooling aggregate on the top. The low-consumption aggregate is powered by 220 V current and is operated by a digital board with the possibility to set the temperature inside the box at the desired level. Due to the combined effect of natural material insulation and electric cooling, corpses can be safely stored for at least 15 days.

On request, Agricool 120 can be supplied with a double access door and with a fiberglass cart and a special overturning lever to allow an easy emptying of the corpses into the disposal truck.

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