Agri Vision 2007: “Balance the challenge”

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The fourth edition of the international agriculture business conference Agri Vision will focus on gathering insights in balancing and facing the challenges in global agriculture. The conference will take place in Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands, 12-14 June 2007.

Industry top people are scheduled to give presentations and participate in discussions that will explore the Boundaries, Balances and Breakthroughs in the feed-to-food chain.

Change is constant

“The challenges for animal protein production are constantly changing because change is constant,” says Juergen Steinemann, Chief Operating Officer of Nutreco. “To stay aware of these changes, to gain an insight into future changes and to understand how these will impact your business, it is essential to hear from, meet with and talk to leaders from every step of the value chain.
“Today we face major shifts in raw material patterns, mounting influence from emerging economies, improved production and logistics that alter protein flow patterns around the globe and the potential impacts of disease outbreaks. Equally, with another 750 million people to feed by 2015 and a rising demand for animal protein as incomes grow, our opportunities are genuinely exciting. The challenge is to understand and grasp these opportunities to ensure we win success in this future.”

High profile meeting

Agri Vision is held every two years and has established itself as a high-profile meeting and debating forum for the main players in the agricultural feed-to-food value chain and is again organised by Nutreco in close cooperation with Rabobank International.

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