Ag Secretary Vilsack: Record US farm exports for 2011

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Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the following statement regarding data released showing US farm exports reached a record $136.3 billion in calendar year 2011…

“The data released by USDA represents a record-breaking calendar year for farm exports, demonstrating – once again -that American agriculture remains a bright spot in our nation’s economy. We saw a rise in both the value and volume of US agricultural exports worldwide in 2011, as international sales rose $20.5 billion over the previous record set in calendar year 2010. Total agricultural exports for calendar year 2011 were a robust $136.3 billion.
“These figures indicate how demand for the American brand of agriculture continues to soar worldwide, supporting good jobs for Americans across a variety of industries such as transportation, renewable energy, manufacturing, food services, and on-farm employment. During the past three years, the sector has continued to support and create jobs on a consistent basis, strengthening an American economy that’s built to last. Every $1 billion in agricultural exports supports 8,400 American jobs, meaning that US farm exports helped support more than 1 million US. jobs in 2011.
“And that gets to the innovation of our American farmers, ranchers and growers. American agriculture continues to apply the latest in technology and achieve a nearly unparalleled level of productivity. In fact, U.S. agriculture is the second-most productive sector of our economy in the past few decades outside of information technology.
“Exports of almost all major US commodities rose in calendar year 201l, helping us to reach President Obama’s goal of doubling all US exports by the end of 2014. Grains were the biggest contributor to the overall record, reaching an all-time high of $37.7 billion, a $9.2 billion increase over 2010. Cotton experienced the biggest year-to-year increase, up 44 percent from 2010, reaching a record $8.5 billion. Dairy and pork exports also set records in 2011, reaching $4.8 billion and $6 billion respectively.
For more info: USDA
The latest export data is available via the Global Agricultural Trade System, click here

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