African swine fever – outbreaks continue in Russia

19-08-2011 | |

On 18 August at a private farm located in Ezvino village, Tver Region, Russia a number of dead pigs have been found. Based on the result of laboratory examination of pathological material samples from the corpses of the pigs, African Swine Fever was detected, said the officials of the sanitary epidemiological services of the region.

It was also reported that cattle were also lost in the Tver region, at a farm located near Torzhok city. 
Based on test results, experts also confirm the presence of African swine fever in the blood of the dead pigs. 

“Laboratory tests proved that at two farms of the Tver Region a number of animals were discovered to be dead due to African swine fever,” said Yuri Danilov, head of Rosselkhoznaldzor branch in Tver and Pskov regions. 300 animals were affected in total at the two farms, and so far all of them have been eliminated. 

A few days ago another outbreak of a dangerous disease was registered in the Kuban region, at the farm of Granite Company. In early August another pig farm belonging to this producer had been hit by the virus. This outbreak, which was registered on the 12th August have some experts saying that it is the most disruptive out of all that had been registered in Russia since the beginning of the year.

(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)