African Swine Fever outbreak in Leningrad Oblast, Russia

24-03-2011 | |

Chief State Veterinary Inspector of the Lomonosovsky Rayon, the Leningrad Oblast, was informed by the representative of OOO “Detstvo” that 8 of 43 pigs in the holding died.

This Chief State Veterinary Inspector was informed on 16 March.
Specialists of the Leningrad Interregional Veterinary Laboratory detected ASFV genetic material after testing pathological material from the dead animals.
The diagnosis was confirmed in the All-Russia Research Institute of Virology and Microbiology on 18 March.
The total pig population in the holding included 43 pigs. Measures aimed at containment and eradication of ASF are taken by the Veterinary Administration of the Leningrad Oblast together with the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast.

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