African Swine Fever in South Africa

07-03-2012 | |

According to Dr Peter Evans, SA Pork Producers’ Organisation’s (SAPPO) health liaison officer six farms in Mpumalanga with 345 pigs, tested positive for African Swine Fever since the outbreak in January this year.

Of these 120 have perished, while 97 were slaughtered. In total, 121 farms were visited, where 6,850 pigs were found to be at risk but they did not tested positive. A total of 26 farms are quarantined.

In Gauteng province 21 units are under quarantine, with a total of 1 088 pigs. Another 175 pigs had to be placed under quarantine. Infected pigs were culled, while pigs from another six farms have been be slaughtered with an incentive from SAPPO.

Auctions will remain closed for at least 60 days since the African Swine Fever outbreak. The Directorate Veterinary Services will only open the auctions if there are no positive farms.

Source: SAPPO