African swine fever culls in Russian province

16-07-2008 | |

116 pigs have died of African swine fever in the Prigorodniy and Alagisrkiy districts of North Ossetia prompting farmers to call on authorities to help them fight the epidemic.

The deputy head of the republic’s administration, Stanislav Baskayev, stated that “there is no vaccine or any other treatment against African swine fever. We have to cull pigs, there is no other way out,” he said.

Around 18,000 pigs have to be culled in the Prigorodniy district, where 1,000 pigs, including 183 infected animals, have already been slaughtered. The infection was registered in the Alagir, Digor, Pravoberezhnu and Iraf districts as well.

Experts say zero grazing is an insufficient measure to prevent the virus from spreading. The most effective measure is to cull all pigs; therefore 150,000 animals are facing slaughter.

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