AFBF: website to educate consumers on agri issue

17-02-2009 | |

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) has launched a website called Your Agriculture aimed at educating the non-farming public about agriculture issues, farmers and ranchers and the food, fiber and fuel they grow.

“The average American is three generations removed from the farm and does not have a clear understanding of where their food comes from,” said AFBF Director of Public Relations Don Lipton.

“We hope this new website will help us engage in conversation with consumers about modern agricultural production while shedding light on issues faced by America’s farmers and ranchers.”

The Your Agriculture site includes:

  • “Meet a Farmer” section, which profiles a farmer or rancher each month with an audio slideshow and Q&A. Heather Hill, a pork producer from Indiana and AFBF Young Farmer & Rancher Committee member, is the first farmer to be profiled for the site.
  • A series of quizzes to test the public’s farm IQ and determine if they are “smarter than a 5th grade farm kid.”
  • A consumers’ guide to farm policy and agriculture issues.
  • Farm fact sheets, a foodie blog and video stories from the public television series “America’s Heartland.”

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