Activists protest against pig farm owned by Australian Minister

13-11-2006 | |

More than 20 animal liberationists chained themselves to pig pens at a farm, part owned by Australian Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, in an attempt to highlight cruel conditions at a piggery.

According to Animal Liberation spokesperson, Mark Pearson , 24 activists entered a piggery, north of Adelaide, South Australia, to take footage of pigs held in small pens. The footage is to be used to launch a prosecution against the business.
Activists chained themselves to the metal bars and called the police. They agreed to leave only if assurance was given that their video material would not be seized. Police decided not to bring any charges for trespassing.
Minister Amanda Vanstone was cited as saying that although she has a part ownership in the farm she has nothing to do with the running of the operation and does not condone cruelty to animals.
The piggery’s management could not be contacted for comment.
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